Measure us by our work

The Doug Jeffords Co. recipe for quality is no secret. In fact, it’s quite simple. Find the best flavors the world has to offer, then prepare them in a state-of-the-art facility to rigorous quality standards.

Like all recipes, “simple” isn’t the same thing as “easy.” Company president McKinley Thomason and Doug Jeffords Co. buyers travel throughout the U.S. and around the world in pursuit of the best herbs, spices, and ingredients.

Wherever the world’s most intriguing tastes are found, we search them out and bring them home. dried pepper varieties from the Southwest and Eastern Asia, cardamom and allspice from Central America, vanilla from Madagascar, or salts from 5 continents.

They all come back to our Middle Tennessee plant, a 76,000-square-foot production and storage facility where they’re processed and mixed to meet our rigorous standards. Sampling lab analysis throughout the production run ensures the quality and consistency you demand.

We know that freshness is non-negotiable. That’s why we process and ship most orders in a week or less. While we encourage you to “measure us by the quality of our product,” we go one step further. We measure ourselves by the satisfaction and longevity of every single customer.

We go to the ends of the earth

New flavors come from just about every continent (sorry, Antarctica). No matter how far, we’ll never stop traveling to find the next new thing and bring it home to you.