Measure us by our beginnings.

Since the early ’60s, Doug Jeffords Co. has provided Nashville and the southeastern United States with seasonings and spices, and custom blends of unparalleled quality.

As early as the ‘50s, Doug Jeffords had a reputation throughout Middle Tennessee for his delicious sausage seasonings. Farmers from distant counties sought out Mr. Jeffords’s seasoning blends for their freshness and consistent quality.

As word spread and demand increased, Mr. Jeffords established the Doug Jeffords Company (DJC). John Mack Thomason was one of Mr. Jeffords’s first salesmen. He believed deeply in the company, and when the opportunity arose, he purchased it.

The owner may have changed, but the name and its reputation didn’t. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Doug Jeffords Co. grew on its reputation for quality, consistency and innovation. Soon, Doug Jeffords Co. spices, batters, breadings, and blends were found in the region’s best-known restaurants, processors, and manufacturers.

John Mack Thomason passed away in 2005, but the company continues to follow his vision under the leadership of his son James McKinley Thomason.

Doug Jeffords Co. remains family-owned and operated. The Mount Pleasant, Tennessee-based headquarters and distribution facility support dozens of Tennessee jobs.

Working with domestic and international growers to source and process hundreds of different spices, Doug Jeffords Co. seasonings and house blends are known throughout the nation. And the company has become the foodservice industry’s go-to provider for custom blends.

“Our recent 50th anniversary is a big milestone for my family and for Doug Jeffords Co.’s employees,” says John McKinley Thomason. “But it’s really a celebration of our customers’ successes; we’ve succeeded because our customers succeed. For the trust they put in us, we are deeply grateful.”

Some Things Never Change

Browsing through old photos, it’s impossible not to notice change. Clothing and hairstyles come in and fall out of fashion. Food trends do, too. Change is part of what makes life beautiful, but what’s stayed the same for us is what’s most important. People. The friends and family who work day in and out to make sure today’s Doug Jeffords Co. lives up to the reputation for quality and service that Mr. Jeffords earned so many years ago.