Doug Jeffords Co. Meets The Highest Standards. Yours.

We know your reputation is served up with every plate that leaves your kitchen. We feel the same way about every batch of spice, blend, batter, or breading that leaves our facility. We also know diners’ tastes change with the seasons. Which is why That’s why we’ll never stop searching the world to bring you the freshest, newest flavors the world’s spice markets have to offer.

It’s the rush, isn’t it?

Whether yours hits with early breakfast, lunch, or the early crowd, the jolt as those those first orders roll in is like nothing else. You know that the kitchen is the heart of any dining establishment. And you know that the food you and your staff create is its lifeblood. There’s a little bit of your heart and soul on every plate. And for more than 50 years, there’s been a little bit of our heart and soul on every plate too.

We get it.

Whether you’re running a food truck, an institutional kitchen, or an intimate chef’s table, you’re always looking for new flavors that keep your diners coming back for more. Savory. Herbaceous. Aromatic. Hot. Sweet. Peppery. Clean and bright. Dark and complex. From kitchen basics to complex custom blends, no matter what taste you’re trying to create, Doug Jeffords Co. delivers.

A selection of some of our custom blends

Since the early ’60s, Doug Jeffords Co. has been helping butchers and meatpackers create custom blends that keep your customers coming back for more.

“I have been a proud partner with Doug Jeffords Spice Co. for the last 23 years. I have taken them with me at every concept I have worked. The qualities that I enjoy from them every day range from outstanding customer service, great quality fresh spices, and the ability to help create custom spice blends for the restaurant. They are well received in the culinary community and I highly recommend them to any restaurant concept. You will not be disappointed.”

 – Mike Ingram, Executive Chef

What have you got a taste for?

Let’s talk about how our highest-quality herbs, spices, breadings and blends can help you unlock a world of flavor possibilities for your customers.