About Doug Jeffords Co.

Since 1961, when the quality and consistency of our founder’s spice blends brought farmers from miles around, Doug Jeffords Co. has made its reputation one plate, one customer, one relationship at a time.

Today, we scour the world to find exciting new flavors for demanding chefs, butchers, processors, packers, and manufacturers like you. Then using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients from around the globe, we mill and process our spices, blends, custom blends, and ingredients in our state-of-the-art plant in Middle Tennessee. We quality- check every step of the way, then ship across town, across the country, and around the world.

The world of food has seen an incredible change since the early ’60s. Consumer demand for new flavors and cuisines has propelled the industry to dizzying new heights in innovation. From heirloom meats, vegetables, and fruits to consumers’ literal hunger for all food organic, non-GM0, sustainable, fair-trade and local grown, diners pay more attention than ever to what they’re eating and how it’s prepared.

At the same time, much of food production has moved from local farms and producers whose cycles followed the seasons to a worldwide, everything-on-demand marketplace driven by price and just-in-time delivery.

Whether your ingredients come from the other side of the county or the other side of the world, you serve up your best with every meal. And you need to be able to depend on your suppliers to deliver their best every time.

That’s why no matter how much change we see in food service, two things will never change for us: A deep understanding of the importance of your reputation, and an unwavering commitment to freshness, quality, and consistency.