Allspice, Ground
Allspice, Irradiated
Anise Seed, Ground
Annatto, Ground
Arrowroot Powder
Basil, Ground
Basil, Whole
Bay Leaves, Ground
Bay Leaves, Whole
Cardamom Seed, Ground
Cardamom Seed, Whole
Caraway Seed
Celery Granules
Celery Seed, Ground
Celery Seed, Whole
Cilantro Flakes
Cinnamon, Cassia
Cinnamon, Ground
Cinnamon, Stick
Cloves, Ground
Cloves, Whole
Coriander, Ground
Coriander, Whole
Cream Tartar
Cumin, Ground
Cumin, Whole
Dill Weed Irradiated
Fennel, Ground
Fennel, Whole
Ginger, Ground
Ginger, Whole
Gumbo Filé
Horseradish, Granules
Horseradish, Powder
Leek Powder
Lemon Peel Granules
Lime Peel Granules
Mace, Ground
Marjoram, Ground
Marjoram, Whole
Mustard, Cracked, Brown
Mustard Seed, Ground
Mustard Seed, Whole
Nutmeg, Ground
Oregano, Ground
Oregano, Leaf
Parsley, Flakes
Parsley, Granules
Parsley, Powder 
Peppermint Leaf
Poppy Seed
Rosemary, Cracked
Rosemary, Ground
Rosemary, Whole
Sage, Rubbed
Sage, Whole
Sesame Seed, Black
Sesame Seed, White
Sesame Seed, Bl/Wh Blend
Spearmint Leaves
Tarragon Leaves
Thyme, Ground
Thyme, Leaf
Turmeric, Ground
Wasabi, Pure
Wasabi, Powder

Bell Pepper, Green, Diced
Bell Pepper, Green, Powder
Bell Pepper, Red 1/4
Bell Pepper, Red, Granules
Bell Pepper, Red, Powder
Chili Pepper, Fine Red
Chili Powder, Ancho
Chili Powder, El Grande
Chili Powder, Ghost
Chili Powder, Guajillo
Chili Powder, Irradiated
Chili Powder, Light
Chili Powder, New Mexico
Chili Powder, Santa Cruz
Chipotle, Diced
Chipotle, Ground
Crushed Red Pepper
Crushed Red, Irradiated
Green Chili Pepper, Diced
Green Pepper, Dehydrated
Green Pepper, Granules
Habanero Powder, Blend
Habanero Powder, Pure
Jalapeño, Diced 1/8
Jalapeño, Flakes 1/4
Jalapeño, Powder
Paprika, 110 Asta
Paprika, 120 Asta
Paprika, Flake
Paprika, Pacific Beauty
Paprika, Smoked
Paprika, Spanish Hot
Paprika, Spanish Sweet
Paprika, Sweet Smoked
Red Jalapeño, Diced
Red Pepper, 5 HU
Red Pepper, 10 HU
Red Pepper, 20 HU
Red Pepper, 40 HU
Red Pepper, 60 HU

Black Pepper, Coarse 10 mesh
Black Pepper, Dustless 20 & 34 mesh
Black Pepper, Gourmet
Black Pepper, Ground
Black Pepper, Irradiated
Black Pepper, Smoked/Cracked
Peppercorns, Black
Peppercorns, Green
Peppercorns, Pink
Peppercorns, Schezuan
Peppercorns, Tellicherry
Peppercorns, White
White Pepper, Ground

Garlic Salt
Garlic Granulated
Garlic Ground
Garlic Minced
Garlic Powder

Green Onion, Flakes
Green Onion, Minced
Green Onion, Powder
Onion, Chopped
Onion, Diced
Onion, Granules
Onion, Minced
Onion, Powder Imported
Onion, Powder Toasted
Onion, Random Cut
Onion, Special Lg Chopped
Onion Salt

Dark Brown
Evaporated Cane Juice
Light Brown

When it comes to pure spices and herbs, DJC is a small-town
company with worldwide connections. You can count on us to bring
you the best of the best - from local to exotic. Our discerning buyers
search the far corners of the earth to be sure we can meet your
needs, whatever they may be.