Aguni Salt
Alderwood Smoked Salt
Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
Australian River Salt
Bali Sea Salt
Bolivian Highland Salt
Coarse Topping Salt
Coconut Lime Salt
El Salvador Salt
Flake Salt
Flavor Infused Salt
Fleur de Sel
Grey Sea Salt
Hawaiian Black Salt
Hawaiian Red Salt
Indian Black Salt
Iodized Salt
Kosher Salt   (50# bag)
Mediterranean Sea Black Salt
Peruvian Highland Salt
Pickling Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt
Popcorn Salt
Premium Coarse Salt
Sea Salt  (50# bag)
Sel Gris
Smoked Salt
Smoked Sea Salt
Table (50# bag)
Trapani Sea Salt

The newest additions to our product lineup are, simply, the salt of the
earth. DJC has partnered with one of America’s premier salt
companies to bring you an extensive selection of exotic salts from
around the world. And, as is always the case, if you don’t see what
you’re looking for, give our customer service team a call. We’ll do our
best to find it for you.